Thanks A Bunch

Well to go along with our little Thank You Make N' Take, I made some thanks a bunch cards.  They were pretty simple, but I thought they turned out cute.

There were so many cute cards at our last card exchange.  Everyone that participated really did over the top this time.  It's so fun to get together, exchange cards and visit. 

Today, I finally got the green beans bottled.  Yeah!!!  The hubster helped me stem and snap them the other night.  It's so nice to have a few to put away for the winter time.  We need like 6 times this amount though.  We love green beans at our house.  I see more on the plants - time to pick them again.  Guess I'll be working on that project tomorrow.

Now I can say I did my first canning of the year!  Best part - the jars all sealed, success.


  1. love the card!
    My beans didn't make it this year :( - so no canning for me.


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