Heart Plate

So after all the Christmas decorations were put away, my mantel and shelves sat empty for a few days.  I decided since Valentine's Day is really only about a month away, I might as well put up the Valentine's decorations rather than pull out other stuff and then have to change it up in a couple weeks anyway.  So I've been working on my mantel.

I found this salad plate at Target last year and just loved the polka dots.

My three year old helped me hang up a bunch of cellophane cardboard hearts all over the house of various sizes.

The smallest one was the perfect size for the plate.  So with a little masking tape, we just taped it to the plate.

This project seriously only took a minute, but look how cute it is on the mantel now.

Perfect - right?


  1. Aww! This is so cute! What a great Valentine's decoration! And it looks great on your mantle :)

    Thanks for linking up to What's New Wednesdays! I hope you'll stop by and link up more amazing stuff on today's What's New Wednesday!


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