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Well I've been neglecting this little ol' blog again.  That's what happens when you have to work full time and take care of 3 little kiddos and a husband I guess.  I'm lucky to keep food on the table and clean clothes in the drawers, let alone work on any "extra" projects.  Thankfully, work has slowed down and I'm back to just two days a week again.  Last week I finally got a little cleaning done and I feel like I can breathe again.

Saturday the weather was just gorgeous!  I wanted to be outside, plus having missed so many weeks of crafting I had the urge to make something.  So I decided to put together a couple magnet boards.  I've seen tons of ideas on various blogs (here is one) and Pinterest, but here's my version.

I bought an 1x10 at Home Depot and had them cut it into 13 inch pieces.  I sanded down the sides and edges really good.

 I painted the sides and back a cream color (Sand).

 I also picked up a piece of metal at Home Depot - go to the roofing section and you'll find these pre-cut pieces for a buck.  They are about 9x12.

 I decided to add some scrapbook paper to the metal with a little Modge Podge.

 On the back of my board I added a picture hanger.

 I also added a little ribbon loop too, so it's actually a faux ribbon hang.  Then I hot glued my metal to the front of the board, tied another ribbon around the bottom and it's done!!

I thought it turned out so cute.  I ended up making three of them.  The one below, I distressed the edges a bit too.  Love it!

They are a great size to display up to an 8x10 photo.  I also put one in my kitchen right by my stove so I can easily hang a recipe while I'm cooking away. 

These would make pretty inexpensive Christmas or Birthday gifts.  The color possibilities are endless.  They could hang on the wall or be displayed with an easel depending where you want to put it. 

Happy crafting!  Later, I'll show you the cute magnets I made to go with them.


  1. Love this! What a wonderful and easy project.
    Thank You for sharing your tutorial.



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