Kitchen Valances

Well since I decided to phase out my apple decor and use more neutrals I needed to change up my kitchen valances. I had a hard time finding any pictures of the "before" but here's one with the kitchen under construction.


I was originally going to buy some material and make my own but one day while shopping at Target I stumbled upon some cream lined toppers for only $4.19 each. Score!! I knew I couldn't buy material for cheaper than that so I snagged up what they had - 3. I hung them up and thought they looked a little "plain". So I went to Michael's and bought some wide black ribbon and just made a loop and hot glued it together and then added a bow, which is also hot glued to the ribbon. So here they are today. I really like them.


I also added a little vinyl above the window by the sink.


  1. I love the new valances! And what a great find!

  2. I love your new valances - they look wonderful! And I love the saying above the window -- it's perfect!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comments!!

  3. So cute! I love your style! I love reading about all the things you make/re-make - you are so creative!


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