Above the doorways in each of our bedrooms is a small space that I thought would be a great place to personalize my boys’ rooms.

I found some large, white letters at Michael’s that could be hung. I painted the “J” letter with some blue paint, but left the “D” white. I found some coordinating scrapbook paper to match their rooms and then used mod podge to attach it to the letter. I also used a coat to seal it.

I then had some vinyl made of the rest of their name and hung it above the door in their bedrooms. I think they turned out just perfect. It gives the vinyl look a little depth. It's a simple way to personalize their rooms, ya know just in case they forget which room they're supposed to sleep in :-).

Do you like to personalize?


  1. you have such great ideas love your blog. i have passed on an award to you

  2. I love the personalization above the doors super cute idea! Thanks for stopping by today and you r nice comments. You have some great projects. I am now following :)


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