Happy Valentine's Day

I like to do a little gift for my boys for Valentine's Day. Thanks to my parents for some Valentine donuts this morning. (Since they live far away, they sent some money and I went and picked them up this morning - they were delish.)

The boys were excited to open their little gifts.

I totally scored when I found this game on Amazon a few weeks ago for only $5.50. Sweeeet!! Of course he wanted to play it right then - but he'll have to wait till later this afternoon - after school.

And this is my Woody boy - I swear he's addicted to Woody. He wants to watch it every single day.

We only have part one so I found part two on Amazon as well. Notice it's VHS - this way he can push it in the VCR himself and carry it all around and it won't get scratched like a DVD. Thanks Amazon!!! He was so excited to have two Woody shows now.



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