Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I got this really nice welcome sign from my brother and sister-in-law one year for my birthday. I love it. It's metal, and I think they got it from Michael's.

I really wish I had some space to put an entry way table, but there really isn't enough wall space for one. Here is a photo of our entry way.

I love my vinyl on the wall. I ordered that last year from Jill then I added a wedding photo of my hubby and I under it. You can't see it that well in this photo, but you get the idea. The swag above the doorway is one I bought over 11 years ago at a boutique.

After we put in new carpet last fall, I made sure we made room for a rug by adding vinyl flooring in front of the door. Before the carpet would go clear to the door. Now there is a space where people can actually walk in and wipe their shoes. I like it so much better. Here is some random picture I found from 2006, but as you can see in the background the carpet went all the way up to the door.

The rug I just recently bought at Costco for $11.99. I've been trying to find some new rugs and haven't been able to find anything I really like as far as style and price. But for $12.00, I figured I couldn't beat that.

Here's a close up. It has all the colors of my living room and matches the carpet well too.

Here is another with the door closed.

So there ya have it.

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  1. Nice to find a 'normal' house with creative touches! (Most blogs I'm finding tend to be big beautiful magazine-like homes that NEED nothing done to them!)
    Thank you for helping the 'rest' of us normal house people!


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