HOME Blocks

Well after waking up to all this snow yesterday morning, I was so thankful to be warm and cozy in my HOME. Take a look for yourself.

Here is the snowman my hubby built and my oldest son who was having a blast outside playing in the wonderful, white, heavy, wet snow.

Here is my youngest who got this far and stopped because he couldn't walk anymore. We had to pull him out and shovel a path. He was loving all that snow too just as long as he had a place to walk. As you can see it's up to his knees.

I decided to make some HOME blocks this weekend. I started out with my a 2x4 cut into 3 inch pieces.

Paint them black.

Pick out some paper from Hobby Lobby.

Add some Mod Podge and your paper, then sand the edges.

Add your vinyl.

Then add a layer of Mod Podge over the whole thing.

While Mod Podging your HOME blocks, go ahead and make a few more temple blocks as well.

Here is how they turned out. HOME - what a blessing.


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