A Tisket, A Tasket, I Got a New Basket

Okay folks, if you haven't been to Michael's recently - now is the time to go. All their fall stuff is 80% off, what they have left that is and it's going fast. Last week while I was there getting some scrapbook paper, I went down their fall decor isle and they had a ton of different baskets to choose from for 80% off. I went there again just a couple days later and they had about half the selection.

So anyway I found a cute rectangular basket for a mere $2.47 plus tax.

I was trying to find something to put on top of my fridge. Most people have a drawer in their kitchen that they keep odds and ends in like a measuring tape, glue sticks, tape, batteries, scissors, replacement Christmas lights, screwdrivers, etc. So since my kitchen is rather small and the cupboard and drawer space is limited, I use a basket to store all this miscellaneous stuff in.

See what I mean.

So I loaded all this junk in my new basket and put it on my fridge for easy access for the tall people in the house. We don't want little kiddos getting into this stuff either. So it works out perfect. I'm so happy with my new basket. (Sorry for the bad lighting/photo.)

What do you do with your "stuff" in the kitchen, put it in a basket, a drawer, a cupboard?


  1. Nice basket!! I scored my favorite baskets at their sale last year! Love it! In our last couple of places we had a 'junk drawer'. In our new place we have a lot more cupboard space to spread out, plus our spare bedroom is now holding lots of 'junk'. I think your basket is smart! Read my last blog post and you'll see what I mean :)


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