Mail Caddy Update

Last June, I posted about my thrift store find mail caddy here. See how pretty it was.

Well I ended up spray painting it black, which made it look so much better of course. But I was getting a little tired of all the black on my desk at work and wanted to lighten things up a bit, so I decided to spray paint it white and distress it a little with some sand paper.

Much better. Even though I had to spray paint in 30 degree weather, I got it done and ready to take into work tomorrow.

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  1. The black with the bows was cute but I really do like it white. What a great find. So cute to have for organization.

  2. Very nice in white. I love this design, well love it redone and painted, not in it's faux wood state. I've found a couple and painted them both with aqua. I wish I could find another one to keep for myself.

  3. Nice project! I love spray paint. I also have been spray painting in very cold temps!

  4. My Mom has that EXACT mail caddy! I might have to go steal it or paint it for her.

    Flowers inside make me happy too! Last year I had tulips and loved it. I've never done daffodils but maybe I'll try them next year.

    Scrolled down looking at some of your older posts. Love the candlesticks you found off CL! That was a steal of a deal.

    Also love your Valentine's subway art. Beautiful!

  5. very cute. check out the blog just a girl she has the exact same find and she did something amazing with it

  6. I love it Kathy! It looks great in white! If I came across something like that, I would snap it up in a minute! Angie

  7. Love the change of color, the white looks much better.

  8. Holy cow, I have that exact mail caddy that I got at a thrift store for like a buck. I too painted it oil rubbed bronze and it looks better but it's too dark. Just today I was eyeing it while shaking my can of heirloom white and wishing it wasn't so cold so I could spray it. If your's worked in 30 degrees I'm trying mine tomorrow! Thanks!!


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