Scuffed Walls

For some reason, my boys think it's great fun to throw toys off the stairs. They like to play "guys" and toss their action figures over board and watch them plummet to the ground below, but in the process they usually hit the wall on the way down. These are the stairs I'm talking about.

They stand on the upper stairs and then drop their "guys" through the railing and watch them as they go flying through the air and come crashing to their death below - a few of the "guts" usually remain on my wall.  So I of course tell them time and time again, maybe this isn't the best idea for their toys - or my wall for that matter.  Boys will be boys.  Sometimes weeks can go by without a mark, but one day they all show up at once.  This is a horrible picture, but maybe you can see all the tiny scuffs.

In real life - they drive me batty - these are pretty minor, but we've had some really dark ones in the past.  So in order to defeat the constant battle of the scuffs, I put a little paint in a small glass jar and then pull it out whenever I need to touch up the wall.

With a disposable brush, my jar of paint and 30 seconds later I have a beautiful painted wall again.  Buh-Bye Scuffs!!  So do scuffed walls bother anyone else?


  1. I hate skuffed walls too. Have always kept a dab of paint around like you and do touch up when something happens. Now the grandkids are older I do not have near as many as I used too so very seldom have to touch up.


  2. This post reminds me that I need to do that. I just patched up some holes on our wall (a chair fell down our stairs) and now I need to paint. But I don't really want to drag out the roller, pan and paint.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My hubby went to do that. But we had to match the paint. Did he test in in one small spot and let it dry? No he touch up ALL OVER the walls. Come to find out, the idiot who mixed the paint got the wrong finish. Now we can see EACH and EVERY touch up the hubby did!


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