A Little Spring in the Yard

Thursday I had the garden tilled and now it's ready to be planted. Now that the new fence is in, I don't have to worry about people trampling my new little plants.

This morning I was able to get in a little yard work. I got my peas planted. (I'm still loving my new fence.)

I got the roses trimmed and the grass mowed.

And I added some Preen to my flower beds.  If you haven't used this stuff before, you really need to check into it.  It keeps those weeds from growing.   I love the stuff.

We are enjoying the spring flowers coming up.

And the boys even had fun playing outside while I worked away.  They had fun chasing the neighbor's cat.

These two bushes must have gotten too cold this winter. All the leaves are dead. There are some new buds, but we'll have to keep an eye on them and see if they grow back.

Last year I was thinking we needed to pull them out anyway since they are starting to take over the light post.

I love my forsythia bushes. Earlier this year I cut some of the branches and brought them in the house.

Now we are enjoying them in full bloom outside too. 

Too bad we're supposed to get cold weather again and possibly some snow.  The joys of spring.  Have a great day!!


  1. Oh how I wish our flowers were that far along. I do notice a few buds on the daffodils and do have crocus blooming along with my Christmas Rose. But we just had a hail storm so am hoping stuff is not damaged that is blooming.

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! Like mother, like daughter when it comes to gardening, huh?!! :)

  3. I too wish our flowers were coming along that far. Today is the first day of one small patch of dafs that are blooming here in my gardens in N. Indiana. No need to mow yet either. Very pretty what you've got there!


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