A New Frame

I bought this picture frame on Thanksgiving Day at Michael's - that's right as in 5 months ago.  I just loved the bright white and the beadboard and the price was right too.  But for some reason, it just sat and sat and sat until this weekend.  What can I say, I'm a little slow deciding where to put it and what picture to put in it.

This is a big frame - it can hold a 11x14 picture but with the beadboard it's more like a 15 x 18.  I thought the perfect spot would be above the bookcase in my son's room.

These two small shelves have been hanging in this spot for years.  So I figured they were ready for a new home.

I had a 11x14 picture developed at Costco for $2.99.  I can easily change out the photograph from time to time as well.

I took this picture last summer while we were in Seattle. 

I think this frame fills the space much better now.  I'm so glad to have this frame out of my craft area too, where it's been sitting for the last 5 months.

So do you have any projects that have been sitting around for 5 or 6 months, or am I the only one?   

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  1. I love that frame & the nursery is super cute!

  2. I have a HOST of projects sitting around... frame looks great and the baby room is adorable!

  3. Love the new frame and the nursery is adorable! Sorry to hear that it is cold and snowy there! Hopefully it will warm up quickly! We have had flooding here in Oklahoma! It has pretty much been raining non-stop for several days until today but then I heard it is going to rain again later on today :( Well, have a good day!

  4. Agh! I probably have 10 frames sitting in my craft room! 2 of them have PICTURES in them from my wedding {3.5 years ago}...I'm undecided on whether or not they will even go up...(what is WRONG with me?!) Maybe I will get my gear on and put one up today...{maybe}

  5. Love the frame and picture, you have a great babies room.

  6. Cute frame! Me...anything sit around waiting to be done? *cough cough* never! ;-)

  7. You're definitely not the only one to let little "to do" projects sit. I have several on my desk too! The frame looks great! It definitely does a good job of filling the space. :) Good spot. Stopping by from Stuff & Nonsense linky. :)

  8. so sweet...i do love a generous frame...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


  9. You did a great job... I love the frame. I'm the queen of un-finished jobs but you always give me the inspiration I need... thank you!


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