A Little Fall in the Yard

Well my garden is almost finished. But I have a few more things that are still growing. Look what I found amongst all the weeds - a beautiful orange pumpkin.

I also found this.

And this.

I put the orange one on my front porch, but the others I'll leave and see if they change in time for November.

Since the weather has cooled down quite a bit, I have flowers that are blooming again and are doing really well. Here is my front flower pot.

I have a couple pots in the back yard that look so pretty right now.

I love this fuchsia geranium, I'm hoping to winter it over.

And one of my fall favorites is this beauty that my hubby and boys bought me last year for Mother's Day - a Red Leaf Maple. One day this tree will give us some nice shade on our deck.

Look at those beautiful leaves starting to change.

Happy Fall!!


  1. ooooh fun! i hope to someday have things growing in my yard. great size pumpkins!

  2. Your garden look beautiful! How fun to have those pumpkins!! BTW, the blue and brown paper pumpkin you made looks great too! Way cute!


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