St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags

My little guy thought it would be fun to take some treats to his classmates for St. Patrick's Day. I came across these printables here and printed off a couple sheets.

I used my square scalloped punch to cut them out.

Then used a little double sided tape to attach them to some cardstock.

I used my green Sharpie and colored some staples - much cheaper than buying colored staples.

Then my little helper bagged up some green Andes mints. This worked out to be a great math project. He had to count all the Andes so we knew how many to put in each bag. He did this by dividing them into groups of ten and then counted by ten to see how many piles he had. He's such a smart cookie.

We folded the cardstock over the bag and stapled it together.

Now he's already to pass them out on Thursday to his little friends. What a fun project we got to work on while his little brother was taking a nap.


  1. So, so cute! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!!

  2. You are such a smarty! I never would have thought to use a Sharpie to color the staples... that's genius! The kids are going to love them!

  3. Love these! Will have to snag this idea. I don't have a scalloped edge punch (soooooooo wanting one now) but I do have a regular square and a regular circle. So cute!

  4. What a great idea! I need to do this next year.


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