Fun Kids Craft - Piggy

We have an upcoming church activity to go along with the children's book This Little Piggy. So for our "poster" I decided to make some pigs and then attach a sign with all the info - time, date, place, etc. I found some pink paper plates at Walmart in the party section. I bought the large size as well as the dessert size to make these pigs. You could also use just white paper plates and paint them pink, but for the sake of time I just bought these. I also picked up some pink pipe cleaners, big wiggly eyes, and some pink card stock. Put it all together and made this.

I think it turned out pretty cute. I just used my circle cutter to cut the snout and then just free handed the feet and ears. Just use half a pipe cleaner for a tail and glue it all together. I made 6 of these and will use them as a table display for our activity.

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